Finding new routines

Although I only moved here in October, my life already seems to have developed a whole lot of routines. Not that I mind routines of course, I am the master of routine. I have the same food for breakfast every morning, sit in the same chair whenever I can and buy the same groceries every time. It keeps me sane, balances my need to uproot my life every so-many-moons, so to say.

Someone whispered in my ear that life in Leiden consisted of the same old boring routine, that I need some excitement, that I needed to change my surroundings, not to be stuck in the same place for the rest of my life. And yet life in Hamburg is not particularly wild either: I eat, I dress, I go to work, I work, go home again, have more food, take my shower, watch a movie/series and go to bed. And I am okay with that, as work takes up most of my energy these days. But I am not entirely sure though what this particular someone thought I would find in Hamburg that I did not have at home, apart from a fulltime job and a career perspective of course :p

Weekends in Hamburg tend to follow the same routine every week as well. Either I go away for the weekend (Bielefeld, Copenhagen) or, more often, I will go sightseeing on Saturday and take my well-deserved rest (or: do everything I did not do during the week) on Sunday. Pretty much because there are no other options on Sunday anyway: everything is closed. Yes, this is a city of over 1,5 million people, but you will struggle to find yourself an open supermarket on the seventh day of the week. It is like good old Zeeland all over again.

Sightseeing this Saturday consisted of climbing the St Petrikirche and visiting the Rathaus. I had been told that the St Michaeliskirche was a lot better for climbing, but since I pass the St Petrikirche on my way to work every day I thought I might as well try the Petrikirche. There are 544 steps to the top, and I was scared as hell for most of them. I was not sure whether it were the stairs that were trembling so much or whether it were my knees, and although the view was not particularly bad I was extremely relieved to be down again! My knees continued to shake for at least another hour though, haha.

The Hamburg Rathaus, the second stop, is the only building in Hamburg that qualifies as really beautiful. It survived the Second World War intact as a result of countless tricks by the locals, and I am glad it did! Hamburg, being some sort of city-state within Germany, has its own parliament, and they gather here twice a month. It is open to the public on other days, and the building is well worth the visit. And it is likely that I will return in the near future again, as some chicas have announced their intention to visit the north of Germany soon.

Conference Room, Rathaus
Talking about north: yesterday it snowed here for the third time since my arrival. The third time yes, that is correct! I was not aware we were so much closer to the Artic here than back home, but apparently we are. The week before last I experienced a 14 (!!!!) degrees drop in temperature coming here from Amsterdam. Absolutely crazy, yet true. Keeping my fingers crossed for summer to arrive shortly! Until then, I turn up the heating…

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